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Tweeting Through It: Twitter Tips and Best Practices for Brands

Despite being one of the older platforms on the block, Twitter's relevance is still impossible to deny. Brands use Twitter because it remains a powerful tool for building a brand presence, engaging with customers, and driving website traffic.

Additional reasons why brands use Twitter include:

  1. Reach: Twitter has a large and active user base, with more than 330 million monthly active users. This provides a significant opportunity for brands to reach a wide audience.

  2. Real-time engagement: Twitter is a real-time platform, which allows brands to quickly respond to trending topics and current events, and to participate in conversations with customers and other stakeholders in real-time.

  3. Influencer marketing: Twitter can be a powerful tool for building relationships with influencers and leveraging their audiences to reach new customers.

  4. Analytics: Twitter provides detailed analytics on engagement and reach, which can help brands to understand the performance of their campaigns and to optimize their strategies.

  5. Customer service: Twitter can be used as a customer service channel, allowing brands to quickly respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

  6. E-commerce: Twitter has been working on integrating e-commerce capabilities and allowing brands to sell their products and services directly from their tweets.

  7. Advertising: Twitter offers a variety of advertising options, including promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends, which can help brands to reach a larger audience and drive website traffic.

  8. Video content: Twitter has been investing in video content, such as live streaming and short-form videos, which can be a great way for brands to reach their audiences with engaging video content.

Twitter can be a valuable tool for brands looking to reach a large and engaged audience, build relationships with influencers and customers, and drive website traffic.

What are best practices to follow on Twitter?

Here are some best practices for brands on Twitter:

  1. Develop a clear strategy: Brands should develop a clear strategy for how they will use Twitter, including goals, target audience, and key messages.

  2. Build a strong profile: Brands should optimize their profile by using a clear profile picture and bio, and by including relevant keywords and a link to their website.

  3. Use visuals: Brands should use visuals such as images and videos to make their tweets more engaging and to increase the chances of them being shared.

  4. Engage with your followers: Brands should actively engage with their followers by responding to mentions and direct messages, and by retweeting and commenting on relevant tweets.

  5. Use hashtags: Brands should use relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of their tweets and to join conversations on trending topics.

  6. Leverage influencers: Brands should build relationships with influencers in their industry, and leverage their audiences to reach new customers.

  7. Analyze Twitter analytics (with Measure Studio!): Brands should take advantage of their Twitter analytics to understand the performance of their tweets and optimize their strategies.

  8. Be consistent: Brands should be consistent in their Twitter activity, by tweeting regularly and at the right frequency.

  9. Monitor mentions: Brands should monitor mentions of their brand, competitors, and industry-related keywords to stay informed about what's being said about them and engage with customers or stakeholders.

  10. Use Twitter ads: Brands should use Twitter advertising to reach a larger audience, increase website traffic and drive conversions.

  11. Be authentic: Brands should be authentic and transparent in their communication and avoid being overly promotional.

By following these best practices, brands can effectively use Twitter to build a strong presence, engage with customers, and achieve their business goals.

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