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Twitter analytics just got a hell of a lot better - Measure Studio

Ah, Twitter. Home of hot takes.

People often sleep on Twitter. Publishers don't, and for good reason. It's a fantastic distribution platform for links (read: monetization), as well as hosting a very engaged user base. And yes, it makes things trend.

But what of Twitter's analytics capabilities? Well, they're not great. While social media peers like YouTube have invested heavily in analytics for users, Twitter has not.

Data is siloed in individual tweets, which makes it hard to extract data and make it portable. It can be hard to find the tweet you're looking for. Often the sheer volume of tweets from a given account make any kind of data analysis a daunting task. These all make it difficult for the average tweeter to craft a data-driven content strategy.

But I have good news. We fixed it.

As of today, you can now add Twitter accounts and track tweet data in Measure Studio!

We have greatly expanded capabilities over vanilla Twitter analytics to help you identify content that's working with your audience:

  • See data from multiple Twitter accounts in one place.

  • Benchmark tweet performance to see what content strategy is working.

  • Easily find, group, and export data for tweets.

  • Compare tweets head to head.

  • See unique data unavailable on Twitter, such as total video watch time and average view duration.

  • Share data across your team and align on the numbers.

Happy measuring!

Want to learn more? Sign up for a free 14 day trial (no card required) and start connecting your Twitter accounts, or request a demo.


Supported Twitter data / analytics metrics:

  • Followers

  • Impressions

  • Video Views

  • Publishing Frequency

  • Estimated Video Watch Time

  • Video Audience Retention (Percentage Quartiles)

  • Estimated Average Video View Duration

  • Engagement Rate

  • Total Engagements

  • Likes (Formerly Favorites)

  • Quotes

  • Retweets

  • Replies

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