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What Is Computer Vision and How Can It Impact Social Media Strategy?

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that deals with enabling computers to see, interpret, and understand the visual world.

It involves analyzing and processing images and videos to recognize and classify objects, scenes, and events, and to extract and understand meaningful information from them.

In the context of social media, computer vision can be used to analyze user-generated content (e.g., photos and videos) to gain insights into users' interests, preferences, and behavior.

Computer vision is capable of identifying the following;

  • Objects and scenes: Computer vision can recognize and classify different objects, scenes, and events in images and videos. For example, it might be able to identify that a photo shows a person standing in front of a beach, or that a video shows a person playing a guitar.

  • Text: Computer vision can also be used to extract and recognize text from images and videos. This can be useful for tasks such as automatically transcribing handwritten notes or extracting the text of street signs from a video.

  • Faces and emotions: Computer vision can be used to detect and recognize human faces in images and videos, including prominent persons, and to analyze facial expressions to infer emotions.

  • Features and patterns: Computer vision can also be used to extract and analyze features and patterns in images and videos, such as colors, shapes, and textures. This can be useful for tasks such as image segmentation or object detection.

This helps social media teams better understand their users and tailor their content recommendations, advertising, and other features to better meet the needs and interests of their followers.

For example, computer vision can be used within Measure Studio to automatically recognize and classify the content of photos and videos posted on social media platforms, enabling these platforms to recommend similar content to users or to target ads to users based on their interests.

It can also be used to detect and remove inappropriate or offensive content, or to identify trends and patterns in user behavior.

Overall, adding computer vision to your Measure Studio subscription can play a significant role in shaping social media strategy by providing valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, and by enabling your organization to better target and engage with the audience.

Interested in adding computer vision to your social strategy? Schedule a demo today and let's get started!

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