Snapchat data that isn't so
scary 👻

Stunning Snapchat analytics, including permanent hourly data, story grouping, performance benchmarking, and more!

*Story studio accounts only

No credit card required. No software to install.


Automated performance benchmarking

Magically benchmark performance for every single metric, and identify what stories and snaps are working to grow your audience and revenue.


Effortless comparisons and grouping

Make head to head comparisons across multiple stories, and create groups for things like shows, seasons, characters, and more.

Visualize performance over time

We make it easy to visualize daily performance so you can see what content is spiking and what's falling flat.


Track hourly data

For the first 72 hours for new stories to monitor and optimize early performance. Hourly data is stored forever so you can look back at it any time.

No credit card required. No software to install.