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Put the Control in Mission Control with our New Customizable Dashboard - Measure Studio

The team here at Measure is always hard at work to create the best user experience possible. After lots of trial (and yes, even error), we are thrilled to announce that we’ve officially put the control back in mission control.

Now, your Measure Studio dashboard is fully customizable, so you can highlight the metrics that matter most to you and your team.


Arrange and size graphs however you like!

Move, arrange, and resize to your heart's content. Now you can put first things first and last things, well, wherever you like. Or nowhere at all! The days of scrolling through and aggregating relevant data manually are over.


Choose from DOZENS of newly added account-level metrics across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Reporting is even easier and more organized. So you care about your account's Instagram Stories impressions versus Instagram Posts impressions? We got that. How about Facebook RPM vs YouTube RPM? Please. Don't care about your Dislikes? Hide it. No judgement here.


Keep your team aligned with new permissions!

Select which team members can edit the dashboard to keep your whole team aligned with ease.


Customize from anywhere on desktop or mobile!

You can view or edit your dashboard from anywhere on any mobile device with a web browser (yes, even minutes before the big meeting).


Sign up for a free 14 day trial today and create your dashboard! No card required, no strings attached.

You can even schedule a personal 1:1 demo for you and your team and get everyone trained in just 20 minutes.

It's a pleasure to measure!

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