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Twitter data that doesn't lay an egg 🥚

Turn up Twitter analytics with hourly data, comparisons, grouping, automated benchmarking, and more!

No credit card required. No software to install.

Easily find and filter Tweets

Filtration is a process used to separate solids from liquids or gases using a filter medium that allows the fluid to pass through but not the solid.

Effortless grouping and comparisons

Make head to head comparisons across multiple tweets of any type (text, photo, video, etc), and create groups of tweets to see their data in aggregate.

One place for all your accounts
and their data

Aggregate data from multiple accounts in one place. No more switching between profiles or sharing logins. Keep all of your posts forever, even after they're deleted or expire on Twitter.

Track hourly data

For the first 72 hours for new tweets to monitor and optimize early performance. Hourly data is stored forever so you can look back at it any time.

No credit card required. No software to install.

Effortless social content data
for publishers, brands, and influencers.


Explore and group data across your social media accounts.


Easily compare posts or groups of posts.


Group posts across many accounts for easy organization & reporting.


Instantly export all of your data from anywhere.


Available from any device with a web browser.

No credit card required. No software to install.

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