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5 Easy Steps to Create Social Media Dashboards for All Your Accounts with Measure Studio

For social media managers and those controlling multiple accounts, consolidated management dashboards have become critical to success.

A social media dashboard is a tool that allows users to monitor and manage their social media accounts in one central location. It typically includes features designed to analyze engagement, growth, and additional performance metrics.

Social media dashboards are useful in allowing users to efficiently manage their social media presence by giving an overview of all their accounts and track their performance. They also help businesses track competitors and identify opportunities for engagement. Additionally, social dashboards can help save time by automating repetitive tasks and providing insights and analytics to improve social media strategy.

How can I build a social media dashboard with Measure Studio?

Creating your own, custom social dashboard with Measure Studio is quick and easy.

  • Sign up for Measure Studio and add your account(s).

  • Select the desired platform from the top menu bar (Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

  • Select the desired account(s) and date range from the Metrics tab.

  • Click Customize Charts and use the subsequent list of metrics to decide which types of data you want to display.

  • Drag and drop or resize metrics to emphasize those that matter most to you and keep an eye on your most crucial KPIs.

And that's it! Now you're ready to closely monitor account activity for all your accounts across every major social media platform. From here, you can even export your dashboard metrics to create branded slides for social media reports.



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