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Build social slides in  seconds ⚡

Create branded, professional slides, decks, and full social media reports ready to wow your boss and impress your clients.

Sample Social Media Report
Social Media Platform Reports

Custom social reports for all major platforms

Eliminate jumping from platform to platform and add your selected social insights to presentation-ready slides with just a few clicks.

Select from a variety of slide templates

Are you looking for a slide highlighting an entire platform? Maybe just one account? How about a single post or even metric?

You can do all that, and more, in Measure Studio.

Social Media Report Slide Template
Social Media Slides

Highlight metrics that matter most

Fully customize each slide by selecting individual metrics based on which platforms, accounts, and posts are most critical to your report.

Here's a list of all the metrics currently available.

Export instantly via download or email

The perfect addition to a larger presentation or as a standalone deck, exporting complex social data from platforms and accounts to your marketing report is now nothing more than a quick copy/paste. 

Social Media Reports

Start reporting today!

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