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Measure Studio New Features and Updates Q2 2024

As we put another busy quarter in the books here's a look back at the new additions and improvements, including more AI, TikTok dark posts, new metrics, and a handful of high-impact optimizations.

Introducing AI Content Categories

With a little help from AI, Measure Studio can decipher what your content is about and automatically tag it for simple trend analysis.

A GIF from Anchorman

How do I use AI Categories?

Basically, if it happens in your post, Measure Studio collects that data and turns it into a finely curated list Categories.

This allows users to easily identify trends and build reports based on pretty much anything included within your content.

For now AI Categories is still in beta before rolling out widely later this year, but if you're interested in getting a head start send an email to and we'll put you on the list.

Analytics from TikTok Dark Posts Now Available

TikTok dark posts are now visible in the Measure Studio app.

Stop analyzing only some of your data. With Measure Studio, users have the ability to track social media data from TikTok dark posts to paint a complete picture of your results.

TikTok dark posts are also available for filtering, searching, and including in Post Groups.

Even More Social Media Tagging Capabilities

Measure Studio's robust tag database is the best in the business. But, we managed to make it even better.

Spongebob tagging Patrick

Edit Existing Tags 🏷️

Rename tags based on new objectives or info or delete old tags that are no longer relevant.

Find and Fix Missing Tags 🗂️

Search for posts that slipped through the cracks and don't have assigned tags in order to add proper documentation.

Data Drops Now Include Post Tags, Post Groups 🗃️

For enterprise users utilizing our high-powered data drops, two critical audience analytic data points are now visible and available en masse.

The Best of the Rest

One of our biggest objectives is to make life easier for social media managers as we know how much is on your plate. That's why Measure Studio is so determined to optimize and improve even the smallest social tasks and processes.

Simpsons in the hot tub

Here's a look at a few of the improvements made last quarter.

  • Search your content by Post ID or URL

  • Disable irrelevant computer vision labels

  • Painless badge re-auth from your Dashboard

  • Optimized pill design added when filtering by platform, post type, and performance

  • Post Groups view optimized into list form for easy navigation

And Finally, New Metrics

Not to be overlooked, our suite of available social media analytics continues to grow. This quarter we added new data points from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to our social media analytics tool.

More social media analytics


  • Organic Engagements 🌱

  • Organic Engagement Rate 🌿

  • Video Retention Rate % 🍿


  • Post shares for all post types ♻️

  • Follower vs. Non-Follower 📊

  • Paid Reels Plays 💸

  • Organic Reels Plays 🎞️

  • Total Reels Plays 📽️


  • Total Reels Plays 🎥

  • Qualified Views (Account) 👁️


  • Audience Countries 🌎


  • Lifetime followers 👥


That's a wrap on Q2. We'll be back again in a few months with even more, but if you have anything specific you want to see added to your favorite content intelligence platform be sure to reach out and let us know.


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