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Measure Studio New Features and Updates Q4 2023

Updated: Apr 1

Can you believe we're already three quarters into 2023? It happens fast. Especially for the Measure Studio team hard at work continuing our goal of creating the best content intelligence platform possible for you and your business.

Here's a look at some of the new features and updates to the Measure app from Q3 '23.

Advanced Automated Post Grouping

Automatically group new and existing social content however you need.

Want a dashboard for each popular format or template? Or shows. Or topics. Or whatever else you need to filter by? You got it.

This is a big one, capable of saving your social team DAYS of work every month, and is perfect for content-based reporting and tracking or comparing groups of posts in a way you never had time for before.

YouTube Ad Accounts and Paid Instagram Metrics Alongside Organic

Does your brand run paid Instagram or YouTube campaigns? Maybe you're just tracking a few boosted posts and videos.

Now, both can be done with Measure Studio.

Level up your content strategy by connecting your Meta and Google ad accounts to Measure Studio to better understand and analyze paid and boosted results, and save painful amounts of spreadsheet time in the process.

Advanced Content Search Filters

Digging through past content has never been easier. Gone are the days of manually searching for each post from a given set or series. Now, thanks to our advanced search filters, you can explore your content like never before.

Find content you're looking for faster than ever, with new filters that include boosted or not boosted, video length, deleted or not deleted, public or private, and more.

Fresh Reporting Capabilities

Our reports feature is one of our most popular, and the one that tends to save team members the most time and energy while properly telling the story of their success.

Here the new additions to Measure Studio reporting;

  • Text-only slides perfect for including in your deck

  • Multi-account summary slides

Seriously, stop spending so much time building spreadsheets!

New Metrics

Similar to the new bells and whistles above, we're also constantly looking to improve the total volume of metrics we measure. After all, your content strategy is only as good as the data you have.

Here are a few of the new metrics to join the party in Q3;

  • YouTube Shorts video views, watch time

  • Paid vs. Organic data from more platforms

  • Facebook followers (different from likes)

  • Ad fill rates

  • Instagram profile taps and Stories metrics

  • Much more!



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