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Q in Review: New Features and Additions from Q1 2023

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

It's been a busy start to 2023 at Measure Studio as the team continues to expand and enhance your favorite social media analytics platform.

From new TikTok audience data to actionable account goals and plenty in between, users are now more empowered than ever to get the most when they post.

Here's what's new from the latest Q.

New YouTube Metrics

Analyze YouTube channel performance better than ever with a variety of powerful new numbers.

  • Organic Views

  • Paid Views

  • Organic Watch Time

  • Paid Watch Time

  • US Views

  • US Watch Time

Post Metric Goals

Stay on track and better understand individual posts with simple yet effective post goals.

TikTok Audience Data

Our available TikTok analytics took another step up - new audience data is now trackable, including age, gender, and country demographics.

Report Customization Options

Further customize your social reports with even more options, including the ability to re-order posts on slides. Users can also include platform-level metrics across accounts (i.e multiple Instagram profiles), and can include more audience data in reports for the first time.

Account Groups

Group and view social accounts together within the Dashboard tab to organize and view data for related accounts across a brand, i.g. in different territories, verticals, languages, etc., or for multiple clients.

Instagram City Data

Users can now measure and analyze Instagram data based on city.

Monthly Charts

Just what it sounds like. Filter and view your dashboard or build reports by month.

Facebook Reels

A new post type and its metrics, including Reels Plays, Watch Time, Impressions, Likes and Shares, is now available at the account level. These analytics are tracked and benchmarked daily - something the competition doesn't do.

Increased Demographics Data Detail

Customers can now measure an audience's age, gender, and geographical location on their dashboard and reports to keep a pulse on who and where to target.

Facebook Video Revenue Metrics for Shorts

One more new metric from Facebook to round out the quarter. Measure video revenue for videos less than a minute.


We've still got plenty of plans left for the year and new features left to release. Be sure to check back in soon!

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