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What We Built This Year: 2023

As we take a look back at 2023, we're proud to say it was the biggest year yet for Measure Studio.

From entirely new features to useful updates to existing features, our team kept the hits rolling all year long.

Here's a look back at just some of the new bells, whistles, and shiny objects that crossed the finish line in '23.


🏋️ Groups Hits the Gym Hard

Our popular Groups feature is stronger than ever thanks to critical new additions and abilities.

  • Account Groups - Group accounts by brand, language, business unit, etc. and view their aggregate performance in your custom dashboard.

  • Automated Group Filters - Configure Groups to listen and automatically group posts by specific criteria including post type, performance, metadata, content, and more.

  • Bigger and better post Groups - Groups no longer have upper limits for tracked posts.


📈 Spend Less Time Reporting, More Time Touching Grass

Our popular reports feature is now better than ever, allowing you to customize and create social reports with more slide options, metrics, and customizations.

  • Re-order posts on slides

  • Platform-level metrics (i.e. multiple Instagram profiles)

  • Create text slides

  • Multi-account summary slides

  • Account Group metrics

  • Add custom images

  • More audience data

  • Duplicate reports (great for monthly templates)

Seriously, stop spending so much time building reports!


💰 Add Your Boosted Post Data and Ad Accounts

Measure boosted post data and paid vs. organic performance from multiple platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Users can also connect ad accounts for Google (YouTube), Meta (Facebook/Instagram), and TikTok. Boosted posts that live organically on the account will then populate with ads data.


🏷 User Managed Tags That Make Sense

Organize your posts with custom tags. Align your team on a single tag library and avoid data entry errors. With multi-level taxonomy, you can make infinite numbers of categories and subcategories.

Use tags to easily filter and group content for easy reporting. Our customers are tagging by IP, products, internal media IDs, producers, and more.


📺 More YouTube Metrics (and Data Imports!)

Seriously, look at all these. Measure your YouTube channel performance better than ever before.

  • Organic Views

  • Paid Views

  • Organic Watch Time

  • Paid Watch Time

  • US Views

  • US Watch Time

  • Monetized playbacks fill rate

  • Ad impressions fill rate

  • Shorts vs Videos

  • Boosted data

  • Impressions

  • Thumbnail Clicks

  • CTR

  • Unique Viewers


🥅 Post Metric Goals

Stay on track and better understand individual post performance with simple yet effective post goals.

Set the goals yourself, base them off current benchmarks or projections, then monitor your progress in real time, with each post you publish.


🔍 Advanced Post Search

Ever spend too much time digging through your accounts trying to find one specific post or piece of content? Never again!

With advanced post search you can navigate your content easier than ever. Filter by post type, performance, metadata, content, tags, groups, and more.


🎥 New Facebook Metrics and Post Types

  • Track Page Followers and video revenue metrics for Shorts

  • Reels Plays, Watch Time, Impressions, Likes and Shares, are now available at the account level

  • Export and filter by Facebook custom labels

  • Views by posted, shared, and cross-posted view sources

  • Audience demographics


🔧 Dashboard Updates

Your Measure Studio dashboard now boasts more features designed to keep your most important data at the top of your mind.

  • Dashboard tables - Create leaderboards, customize the metrics displayed in columns, and sort.

  • Performance percentage - View % change in performance compared to previous date period.

  • Monthly charts - View month over month performance in charts.


🤖 AI Computer Vision Analysis for Video Thumbnails and Link Previews

Measure Studio now uses AI computer vision to extract objects, activities, text, celebrities, and more from video thumbnails and link preview images to understand how these designs impact post performance.


📱 TikTok Derived Organic Metrics and Audience Data

Our TikTok measuring capabilities took another step up with new audience demographics, including age, gender, and country.


📊 New Instagram Data

Users can now measure and analyze Instagram data based on city, as well as track new metrics including;

  • Shares

  • Follows from posts

  • Profile views

  • Story swipes up & down

  • Story swipes forward & back

  • Audience demographics


Thanks for taking a few minutes to reflect on some of our wins from this year and helping us make Measure Studio the world's best content intelligence platform.

With that, we're on to 2024. Happy measuring!



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