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How To Create Professional Social Media Slides With One Click

There are numerous reasons as to why it's important to measure the performance of your organization's social media efforts. From understanding how well current strategies are working, to planning future campaigns, and identifying areas of improvement.

For brands and agencies alike, regularly measuring and analyzing social media performance allows the ability to stay up-to-date on industry trends and ensure they are keeping up with competitors.

Unfortunately, the process of building social media reports is often laborious and time-intensive. Some common pain points when creating social media reports include;

  1. Lack of data: It can be difficult to gather and analyze data from all the different social media platforms, especially if using multiple tools to do so.

  2. Lack of standardization: Different social media platforms use different metrics and terminology, making it difficult to compare data across platforms.

  3. Lack of context: It can be difficult to understand the meaning and significance of the data without proper context.

  4. Lack of time: Compiling and analyzing data from multiple social media platforms can be time-consuming, especially if doing it manually.

Thankfully, each of these challenges can be addressed with Measure Studio.

  1. Measure Studio eliminates the need to jump from tool to tool to collect your data and offers a robust assortment of metrics.

  2. One dashboard for all your metrics. No more extracting platform-specific info strictly from said platform.

  3. Contextualize your data through automated benchmarking against past posts.

  4. Turn social analytics into beautiful slides in literally minutes.

How can Measure Studio help me create social media reports?

With our report generator tool, social media managers can build presentation-worthy decks in just minutes. Check it out!

Once you've selected your template it's simple to select which metrics you want to include on your slide.

From here it's even easier to continue adding more slides, allowing users to once again select from the original templates above, each of which features different data and analytics depending on each platform and account.

But wait, there's more!

Need to customize the deck with your organization's logo, colors, or additional branding? Measure Studio lets you do that, too.

Once this is all in order and you've created the total number of slides desired, a quick click of the Export button will deliver your beautiful, branded social media deck in a matter of seconds.

Ready to build social media reports of your own? Give Measure Studio a try, for free, for two weeks with our 14-day trial.

Want to get a closer look but not quite ready to do it yourself? We get it. Schedule a demo here and we would be thrilled to chat with you.

Happy Measuring!



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