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What We Built This Year: 2022

It was an exciting and busy year for Measure Studio in 2022 as we continued our mission to make data-driven content strategy on social both easy and effective.

We've made tremendous progress over the past 12 months, including the addition of newly supported platforms, features that streamline time consuming reporting tasks, and pushing content strategy into the future by integrating AI.

As we look to press forward into 2023, let's look back at what left the lab in '22.


New Platforms: TikTok and LinkedIn

TikTok and LinkedIn became the latest accounts to join Measure Studio's list of supported social media platforms.

Now, users can access their critical TikTok and LinkedIn analytics, benchmark content performance, and streamline reporting alongside accounts for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, all in one convenient app.


AI Computer Vision analysis for Images and Videos

Historically, social managers have built content strategies based on instinct, limited re-enforcing data, and sometimes downright guesses.

Measure Studio is changing that with the inclusion of Computer Vision to our app. Now it's easy to see not just what content worked, but what is in the content that works.

This added layer of AI-powered knowledge has tremendous benefits. Users can now search their entire library of content across platforms by detected text, objects, activities, public figures, and more.

They can also streamline report generation by automatically grouping content based on what's in it.

Want to see a monthly total of your Instagram Reels Plays for all content containing Dogs? We can do that.


Instant Social Media Data Report Generator

You know what isn't fun? Spending hours transferring spreadsheet data onto slides just in time for the data to lose relevancy.

With Measure Studio's new reporting tool, users can create beautiful decks with just a few clicks.

So, the next time your client or boss asks for fancy slides of all your social data it doesn't have to consume an entire afternoon.


Instagram Boosted Post Data

Boosted Instagram data is now available alongside organic Instagram data. For brands and agencies, pairing and organic content strategies go hand in hand, and promotional content is critical to success.

Now, with Measure Studio, you can analyze paid Instagram posts with the same level of scrutiny given to your organic strategy. TikTok and YouTube boosted data coming soon.


Platform-Level Data for Multiple Accounts

Measure Studio now allows for deeper dives into your analytics with platform-level data that reveals more on performance across multiple accounts on the same social platform.

As those running big brands and agencies managing multiple accounts know, understanding performance specific to each platform is critical in building successful growth strategies.


Custom Date Ranges

Filter account performance by selected date ranges to get a better understanding of single campaigns or compare monthly, quarterly and annual results.

Whether you need to review one day or 1,000, we've got you covered.


Instagram Reels Data

Just like it sounds; Instagram Reels data is now accessible in the Measure Studio app.

As more brands turn to Reels, these datasets are more important than ever.


We can't wait to show you what we're cooking up for 2023. It's a pleasure to measure!

Get started with a free 14 day trial (no card required), or schedule a demo.


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