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New Features: Expanded AI Content Analysis and Audience Data for Dashboards, Reports Now Available

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

It has been a busy start to the year over here and we're excited to officially announce a few new additions to the Measure Studio app.

Expanded Computer Vision Analysis

While AI has been a hot topic as of late, Measure Studio has been offering it to our customers for awhile now in the form of Computer Vision analysis. This allows users to analyze images and videos for things like objects, activities, text, public figures, and more.

Now, expanding on our existing Social AI component, you can also automate data aggregation and post grouping based on Computer Vision analysis, giving you another advantage in account analytics and future content creation.

We're also expanding Social AI image analysis to free trial users, so feel free to come take it for a spin.

Detailed Audience Demographics Data for Dashboards, Reports

We are also excited to announce a new addition to our popular social media dashboard and reporting features; audience demographic data.

Social media managers now have the ability to instantly export a wide array of audience analytics, including age, gender, and geography, onto branded, professional slides, as well as display them on their account dashboard.

Want to see it all in action? Get started with Measure Studio free for 14 days.



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