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How to Build Twitter Analytics Reports with Measure Studio

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Generating Twitter analytics reports is far too often a tedious process that consumes too much time for social media managers. Unfortunately, reporting is a necessary part of tracking performance and measuring results, meaning it isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Now, thanks to tools like Measure Studio, social managers can expedite the social reporting process by instantly gathering all their account data onto organized, professional, presentation-ready slides.

While Measure Studio allows managers to create social media analytics reports for every major platform, in this post, we'll focus primarily on Twitter.

How do I create Twitter analytics reports with Measure Studio?

Creating social analytics reports for Twitter with Measure Studio is simple, straight-forward, and takes just a few minutes.

  • Sign up for Measure Studio and connect your Twitter account(s).

  • Select REPORTS from the left sidebar and click NEW REPORT.

  • Name your report and select the desired date range. Then, choose from the available slide templates based on which metrics you wish to display.

  • Fill out the slide description and select the metrics you wish to include. Metrics will vary by platform. Then click CREATE SLIDE.

  • Click CUSTOMIZE to personalize your Twitter report by adding appropriate brand logos and color scheming.

  • Repeat the above steps for any additional slides you wish to create before clicking GENERATE REPORT in the top right corner, and your complete Twitter analytics report will export in seconds.

That's it! Take your fresh Twitter slides and insert them into an existing deck, or simply send off straight to the boss.

Interested in getting started? Click here to begin your free 14 day trial or here if you would like to chat and get a closer look.

Looking for analytics reports for additional social platforms? Measure Studio has you covered.



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