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How to Build Facebook Account Dashboards with Measure Studio

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

A detailed Facebook dashboard can make all the difference for social media managers handling multiple accounts.

While Facebook may not be the innovative platform it once was, it's still often a critical component of a successful social media strategy.

Measure Studio provides social media account managers with dashboard capabilities for nearly every social media platform (see the full list below), but here we're going to focus on the one we've already mentioned; Facebook.

How can I build a social media dashboard for my Facebook account with Measure Studio?

Building your own custom Facebook dashboard with Measure Studio is quick and easy, and will have you tracking your results in no time.

  • Sign up for Measure Studio and add your Facebook account(s).

  • Select the Facebook icon from the top menu bar.

  • Select the desired Facebook account(s) and date range from the Metrics tab.

  • Click Customize Charts and choose which Facebook analytics to display.

  • Resize each window, drag and drop as desired, or switch between graphs and charts, all in a snap.

And you're done! Now you're ready to closely monitor all Facebook account activity from one place. From here, you can even export your Facebook data to create branded slides and social media reports.

Looking for other platforms? No problem! Measure Studio allows you to create custom social media dashboards for these additional social media platforms;



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