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How to Build Instagram Account Dashboards with Measure Studio

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

As any social media manager knows, detailed, organized account dashboards are one of the most effective ways to monitor engagement and measure results.

While each dashboard will vary depending on the account, goals, and objectives of the user (for instance, which metrics are highlighted and which are not), there's little question as to the value they provide.

Measure Studio provides social media account managers with dashboard capability for nearly every social media platform, including YouTube, TikTok, and others, but today we're going to focus on just one; Instagram.

How can I build an Instagram social media dashboard with Measure Studio?

Creating your own custom Instagram dashboard with Measure Studio is quick and easy, and will allow you to monitor every important metric for both paid and organic posts.

  • Sign up for Measure Studio and add your Instagram account(s).

  • Select the Instagram icon from the top menu bar.

  • Select the desired Instagram account(s) and date range from the Metrics tab.

  • Click Customize Charts and use the subsequent list of paid and organic Instagram metrics to decide which data to display.

  • Drag and drop or resize metrics to emphasize those that matter most to you and keep an eye on your most crucial Instagram KPIs.

And you're done! Now you're ready to closely monitor all Instagram account activity from one place. From here, you can even export your Instagram data to create branded slides and social media reports.

Looking for additional platforms? As we mentioned above, Measure Studio allows you to create custom social media dashboards for the following platforms;



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